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Dr Haghri graduated from the University of London in 2011 with Honours. He was awarded the prestigious Centenary Award at the Dental School's 100 years celebration for his efforts and achievements while reading Dentistry.  After training at the Barts and London School of Medicine and Dentistry he gained Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Faculty of General Dental practitioners. While working as a senior house officer in the Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Department of the Royal Surrey Hospital he completed a diploma in Primary Dental Care at Kent University and won an award for his presentation at a Regional Audit event. 


Dr Haghri is one of the one of the founders of Shades-Clinic with Dr Sundeep Rooprai. He also work at Mile End Dental Surgery in Colchester. 


Since qualifying he has worked in primary dental care as well as secondary care and he has gained considerable experience in oral surgery and also in maxillofacial surgery. As well as all aspects of General Dentistry, Dr Haghri treats complex cases, ranging from smile makeovers, cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures (often under sedation). He has been practising non-surgical facial aesthetics for the past four years and he is capable of achieving consistent and excellent results. His treatment ethos is patient-centred and his constant aim is to create or restore normal function and natural beauty.


Dr Haghri is a national author of a free knowledge-based business assessment tool that helps dentists across the UK with their practice purchase plans and he is often invited to give consultancy advice on the management and marketing of dentistry. 


At the age of 17, he was one of the pioneers of a charitable organisation helping youngsters overcome their life difficulties by taking them into educational camps, for which he received a prestigious national award from Deutsche Bank London. Since then Dr Haghri has set up a number of national and international charitable organisations that concentrate on helping the less- privileged with their education and career progression.  


He comes from a multinational background and was brought up in a mixed cultural community in the heart of London. He has a good command of four languages and his extensive experience of a multicultural society has given him strong communication abilities which he uses for the benefit of his patients.


He lives in London with his family and enjoys spending time with them as well as taking part in various sporting activities. 


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